Hobie ARC Drum & Crank Assembly (Pair)

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The ARC MirageDrive Upgrade Kit for Hobie kayaks provides you with the new and improved ARC drum, ARC crank, and updated pedal design. The ARC cranks are curved and can be easily adjusted to fit users of all sizes with the push of a button, from child-size to tall adults. The ARC design also provides enhanced strength and performance compared to the older style square cranks, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride on the water.

**Please Note: Sold as a PAIR **

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The ARC drum, crank and pedal upgrade kit is sold as a pair only. This kit includes Hobie part numbers #81507 and #81508.
For customers looking for replacement cranks for older MirageDrives the original MirageDrive square crank + pedal are available here.

Benefits of the new Hobie ARC Cranks;

  • The new ARC cranks have a curved design that allows for a more natural and ergonomic pedalling motion, reducing fatigue and improving comfort during long periods of use.
  • The ARC drum features an upgraded cam design that provides a smoother and more efficient power transfer from the pedals to the fins, resulting in increased speed and performance.
  • The new pedal design features a wider platform with improved grip, making it easier to maintain a stable foot position and apply power evenly throughout the pedal stroke.
  • The kit includes all the necessary hardware for easy installation, so you can upgrade your MirageDrive in just a few simple steps.
  • The improved performance and efficiency of the new ARC drum, crank, and pedal design mean that you can get more out of your Hobie kayak, whether you’re exploring new waterways, fishing in your favourite spots, or just enjoying a leisurely paddle.



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