Mast Head Wind Vane for Hobie Island

$52.95 inc GST

The masthead wind vane for Hobie Adventure and Tandem Island sailing kayaks will help to keep you on the best angle to the wind for better sailing. The wind vane or wind indicator helps you understand shifts in wind direction so you can adjust course and/or sail settings and achieve optimal performance. The masthead location provides undisturbed wind flow for accurate readings.

This wind vane is designed for all Hobie Island trimaran sailing kayaks. Simply slip over the masthead and tighten it in place with the provided thumb screw.

Please note: not compatible with the Island Spinnaker system.


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As you sail, wind directions are not typically consistent. As the wind changes direction or oscillates, you need to adjust the heading and/or sail trim for the best performance. Use the Mast Head Wind Vane for Hobie Island to inform your steering and sheeting adjustments and the tell tails on the sail for fine adjustment.



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