Hobie may have revolutionised kayak fishing, but are they still the best option for kayak anglers looking for a new fishing kayak? With a flood of cheap imports and imitators vying for your dollars, are Hobie Kayaks still worth the premium price tag?

If you’ve been asking yourself these same questions, let us explain exactly why Hobie remains the worlds leading fishing kayak manufacturer.

With over 26 years of combined experience selling, using and most importantly fishing from Hobie kayaks, we dig into the top 10 reasons why you should choose a Hobie fishing kayak over any other brand.

1. A Legacy of Innovation

Hobie’s commitment to innovation is unparalleled. They’ve been at the forefront of kayak manufacturing since 1996, producing kayaks and kayak systems that have revolutionised the sport. From their innovative pedal-powered drive systems to the ability to sail most models, Hobie kayaks are a testament to what happens when passion meets innovation.

Many of the advancements that are now commonplace across a range of brands in the kayak market were pioneered and perfected by Hobie. While there are many imitators, Hobie remains three steps ahead of the competition thanks to its continuous commitment to innovation, with no signs of slowing down.

Top view of the bow of a Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 – 360 Fishing Kayak. Colour: Artic Blue with black accents. On display are the Vantage seat, Mirage Drive pedal system, as well as ample storage and mounting options

2. The MirageDrive Advantage

Hobie revolutionised kayaking and kayak fishing with the introduction of the MirageDrive in 1997. A pedal-powered propulsion system that made the paddle almost redundant, this system allows kayakers to maintain a steady speed with minimal effort, while also keeping their hands free for fishing.

Hobie has continued to refine, enhance and reimagine the MirageDrive ever since. Advancements like its patented Kick-Up Fin technology which allows access to shallow or obstacle-rich waterways, turbo fins for enhanced speed and efficiency, forward and reverse propulsion in the 180-Drive and most recently, the revolutionary 360-Drive for propulsion in any direction.

Throughout all the iterations, the MirageDrive remains the smoothest and most efficient kayak pedal drive on the market. Offering bulletproof reliability and a full suite of spare and replacement parts, Hobie’s pedal drive is uncontested in its status as the best kayak pedal drive available.

Top view of the bow of a Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 – 360 Fishing Kayak. Colour: Artic Blue with black accents. On display are the Vantage seat, Mirage Drive pedal system, as well as ample storage and mounting options

3. The Ultimate Fishing Kayaks

Hobie kayaks are renowned for being the best fishing kayaks available. Perfecting their designs and continuing to push boundaries for what a kayak is capable of, Hobie leads the market with kayaks that cater to the angler’s every need.

Key to this success is the intelligent layouts that are perfectly suited to catching fish with everything where you need it. Hobie’s designers have put serious thought into accessory mounting, fish finder installations, onboard storage, gear organisation, bait tanks and more and the results are sure to please even the most avid kayak angler.

Hobie kayaks also have exceptional on-water performance characteristics that anglers need. Maneuverability for navigating around structure where the fish are hiding, stability for standing use, gear carrying capacity and pedal efficiency for all-day sessions are all part of the Hobie kayak DNA.

chrispyywings_fishing lands a large Jewfish from a hobie Outback Fishing Kayak

4. Stability and Comfort

Hobie again revolutionised kayak fishing by abandoning traditional sleek kayak designs to prioritise stability, making them far more effective and useful as a fishing platform. While imitators have followed suit, none can match Hobie’s design prowess in crafting kayaks that perfectly tread the line between stability and performance.

With loads of primary and secondary stability, these kayak designs inspire the confidence to tackle a wider range of conditions. Models like the Pro Anglers, Lynx, Outback and iTreks are unmatched for their stability while standing, making sight fishing, casting or standing to stretch your legs part of your average day out on the water.

When it comes to comfort, Hobie’s Vantage seats are in a league of their own, ensuring a dry and comfortable experience even after hours on the water.

Hobie Vantage ST seat for Pro Angler fishing kayaks

5. Customisation and Accessories

Hobie kayaks are designed to enable the owner to customise and accessorise their kayak to be exactly the craft they need. Hobie has poured serious resources into the development of a huge range of genuine Hobie kayak accessories that includes everything from simple rod holders to kayak sail kits.

Leading third-party manufacturers like Railblaza, BerleyPro, FPV Power, PowerPole, YakAttack and Ram have produced a huge range of kayak accessories to suit the Hobie kayak range. Because of Hobie’s global popularity, owners can take advantage of unmatched choices for customisation and accessories that other brands simply can not match.

Hobie Lynx pedal kayak with EVA deck pads installed along with a number of other fishing focused accessories

6. Reliability and Longevity

Hobie is a brand synonymous with quality. Their kayaks are built to last and are proven performers with many of their early models, some over a decade old, still in use today. These kayaks require minimal maintenance, simply give them a wash with fresh water and store them correctly and they will provide many years of use.

If any components break or are lost you can rest assured that a replacement from the large Hobie parts catalogue is available through HWS if you are in Australia, or your local Hobie dealer if you are elsewhere.

7. Unmatched Dealer Support

The relationship with Hobie doesn’t end once you purchase a kayak. With authorised dealers worldwide, Hobie ensures that you receive unparalleled post-sale support. Whether you need accessories, advice, repairs, or spare parts, Hobie and its extensive network of dealers have got you covered.

Whether you’re a seasoned kayak angler or just getting started, the HWS team are here to assist you with advice, help to find a part or accessory, help to install a new accessory or assistance with repairs. With over 26 years of combined experience selling, using and most importantly fishing from Hobie kayaks, there isn’t much we can’t assist with.

HWS staff installing a round hatch in the bow of a Hobie Compass fishing kayak

8. Resale Value

No kayak is ever going to appreciate in value. However, thanks to their stellar reputation and high demand, Hobie kayaks hold their value relatively well compared to other brands. As long as you have looked after your kayak and kept up the minimal maintenance, you will likely find a buyer in the second-hand market with relative ease. 

9. Community

Owning a Hobie kayak is more than just owning a piece of equipment; it’s becoming a part of a community. From exclusive events to tournaments like the Hobie Fishing Series, Bream Rounds and Australian Championships, being a part of the Hobie family offers experiences that go beyond kayaking.

The Hobie kayak community is a great way to meet like-minded people, share knowledge and open up a whole new world of experiences. Andrew and I have made some great mates at the Hobie Fishing Series, and I look forward to every event for the camaraderie as much as the fishing. 

HWS Pro Team members

10. A Range for Every Need

With 18 kayaks in the current lineup, Hobie is able to focus its designs to meet the user’s needs far better than any other manufacturer. By avoiding the “one size fits all” approach, Hobie has created kayaks that excel at what they were designed to achieve.

Whether your intention is offshore kayak fishing, tournament angling, long-distance touring or something in between, Hobie has multiple models to choose from that will suit your needs. Check out our Hobie Fishing Kayak Buyer’s Guide for detailed analysis and buyer advice for each model. 

A top down view of some of Hobie's most  popular fishing kayaks including the Pro Angler 14, Outback, Compass, Lynx and Passport 12.0


Despite an influx of imitators, Hobie remains the undisputed leader in the kayak fishing market. The company’s unwavering dedication to innovation has propelled the sport and solidified the Hobie brand as a premium offering.

Hobie is well known for creating the best fishing kayaks available and they continue to update and refine their offering with new improvements and updated designs. Their build quality, on-water performance, stability and comfort have won Hobie a legion of fans worldwide

We’re convinced that once you try a Hobie kayak you’ll see for yourself what all the fuss is about. So come for a no-obligation test drive on beautiful Lake Macquarie with HWS. We love getting out on the water for test drives.

With free installation of all accessories on new kayak purchases, free kayak delivery to greater Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter and Port Stephens areas and unmatched after-sales service, HWS is Australia’s premiere authorised Hobie kayak dealer.

About the Author

HWS Managing Director James Kilpatrick

James Kilpatrick founded Hunter Water Sports (HWS) in 2012 and has been its managing director ever since. With over 18 years in the marine and fishing industry and a passion for kayak fishing both recreational and competitive, James is an expert in all things Hobie kayaks.