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As the largest and most experienced authorised Hobie dealer in NSW, HWS offers the complete Hobie kayak and pedal board range.

Choosing a new kayak to suit your specific needs is an exciting time. With a range of designs, styles and features Hobie has a pedal-powered kayak for everyone! Browse the Hobie range below, reach out to our expert team for advice, drop into our Belmont store to have a look or better yet organise a no-obligation on-water demo.

With free shipping on all kayak purchases to approved clients in the Greater Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter, and Port Stephens Areas and the biggest range of kayak accessories and gear, HWS is the home of Hobie in NSW

Hobie Pro Angler Fishing Kayaks

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Mirage Pro Angler 12 - 360

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Mirage Pro Angler 14 - 360

Hobie MirageDrive Pedal Kayaks

Mirage Outback

Mirage Lynx

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Book a no-obligation test drive on beautiful Lake Macquarie and try out Hobie’s range of pedal driven kayaks today!

The Hobie MirageDrive Pedal Drive

Welcome to the world of the Hobie MirageDrive®. The ungainly paddle is replaced by the sheer efficiency of the pedal. With the largest human muscle group now in play, kayaking becomes easier and more efficient than ever. Two pedals drive a pair of underwater fins – much like a penguin’s flippers. Whether snapping up to speed with a quick burst or steadily covering expanses of water, the MirageDrive allows effortless freedom and function.

Patented Kick-Up Fins

With Hobie’s patented kick-up fin technology in all its modern drives, carefree pedal kayaking is available across the range. These fins simply kick up if they come into contact with any underwater obstacle, preventing serious damage to the drive and the kayak itself. Once the fin is clear of the obstacle it snaps back into place without skipping a beat. This means getting amongst the structure and shallows is easy and stress-free.

Fin Options

ST KICK-UP FIN: The square-top design increases fin surface area while maintaining a one-foot mast length.

ST KICK-UP TURBO FIN: Add even more speed with an ST Turbo Fin upgrade. Increased fin surface area and mast length provides added resistance and water displacement for more thrust with each stroke.

Hobie MirageDrive Guide 2022

MirageDrive with Glide Technology (MD-GT)

In 1997 Hobie revolutionised kayaking forever when they introduced the MirageDrive pedal drive. Innovated and perfected over the past 25 years the MD-GT with kick-up fins provides a smooth and efficient ride. Thanks to roller bearings at key friction points and uncompromising build quality this drive will provide confidence-inspiring propulsion so you can go further and pedal longer.

The MirageDrive GT comes standard on 2021 Mirage Passport 10.5Mirage Passport 12Mirage iTrek 9 UltralightMirage iTrek 11Mirage iTrek 14 Duo and Mirage Fiesta kayaks.

MirageDrive 180 (MD-180)

The MirageDrive 180 with kick-up fins produces full power in both directions and offers upgraded maneuverability for your pedal kayak. The user can pull one of two shift cables to pivot the fins 180 degrees, almost instantly from forward to reverse and back again. 

Whether it’s backing fish out of cover, safely fishing closer to obstructions or fishing downstream while holding in current the MD-180s hands-free propulsion has you covered. This freedom means better control to cast, present baits, and concentrate on landing bigger fish when kayak fishing.

The MirageDrive 180 comes standard on the Mirage Outback, Mirage Lynx, Mirage Compass, Mirage Compass Duo, Mirage Revolution 11, Mirage Revolution 13, Mirage Oasis, Mirage Pro Angler 12 and Mirage Pro Angler 14 kayaks.

MirageDrive 360 (MD-360)

Hobie’s new MirageDrive 360 with Kick-Up Fins is the most advanced pedal drive yet, taking the future of kayaking in a new direction – forward, backward, sideways and every degree in between. The MD-360 is as nimble as it is powerful, making it exciting to weave through obstacles and easy to stay on top of fish.

Only Hobie delivers power in every direction with 360 Drive Technology equipped kayaks repeatedly recognized for innovation and engineering excellence, winning the most prestigious awards in the industry. Available exclusively on the Mirage Pro Angler 12 – 360 and Mirage Pro Angler 14 – 360 Series

HWS Hunter Water Sports

Hunter Water Sports (HWS) is Australia’s premiere authorised Hobie kayak dealer. 

Stocking the full range of Hobie kayaks and a huge variety of accessories, spare parts, equipment, and apparel, the HWS team is here to provide the right advice and the best price on all your kayaking needs.

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