Waterproof 12V Electrical Connector Set

$36.00 inc GST

Set of male/female waterproof connector plugs for 12-volt kayak electrical systems. Each connector is spliced with positive and negative tales (wires) for easy integration into your electrical systems and comes with 4 waterproof (silicone-filled wire nut) connectors.

These connectors suit the Hobie Chargers and the Hobie 12-Volt Fishfinder Battery and Livewell Battery. We also use these connectors when installing non-Hobie Battery systems in our kayaks.


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Hobie is a brand renowned for its innovation, durability and performance. As the pioneers of the pedal kayak, Hobie has continued to refine their hull designs, propulsion systems and an ever-expanding list of kayak accessories, earning and reinforcing its reputation as the number one in kayaking and kayak fishing. HWS is the largest and most experienced authorised Hobie dealer in NSW. We stock the full range of Hobie kayaks, Hobie accessories, and genuine Hobie spare parts. Shop with us today and experience the Hobie difference for yourself. Fast shipping of all Hobie parts and accessories Australia-wide.

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