FPV-Power 50A PWM V2 Variable Speed Controller

$170.00 inc GST

FPV-POWER 50A PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) throttle controller for electric kayak motors increases motor efficiency and provides precision speed control. The speed controller comes with a forward/reverse switch, an in-built voltmeter so you can keep an eye on your battery levels, and a throttle control dial. It also features a magnetic kill switch as well as waterproof connections instead of Anderson plugs.



FPV-Power’s PWM V2 Variable Speed Controller provides increased runtimes for your electric kayak motor as it pulses the exact amount of power needed with minimal wastage. Traditional electric motors use resistors to reduce the throttle which is inefficient (especially at lower speed settings) and uses up unnecessary power. While there is no real difference in efficiency at full throttle, at low to middle RPM the difference the PWM makes in increasing your runtime is significant. An added bonus is the proportional throttle control which allows for precise adjustments to speed which is handy in situations such as when trolling lures. The PWM box is weather and splashproof but is not rated for immersion.

Dimensions: 175x25x75mm
Max Amp rating: 50A
Weight: 965g


FPV Power

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