Hobie Kayak Drift Chute

$78.95 inc GST

Control the drift speed on your kayak or canoe with a Hobie kayak drift chute. The Drift Chute is a large cone-shaped parachute drogue that is deployed in the water to greatly reduce drift speed when anchoring is not possible or desired.


  • 62cm x 64cm durable parachute drogue
  • Weighted for optimal shape and effectiveness on deployment
  • Designed to submerge just below the surface for easy retrieval and minimal snagging
  • Includes buoyancy pad for quick release and retrieval
  • Effective when used with a kayak anchor trolley
  • Fast shipping Australia-wide
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The Hobie Drift Chute or Drift Anchor is a great tool for kayak anglers and paddlers looking to control their drift speed and direction in windy or current conditions. This large cone-shaped parachute drogue is designed to be deployed in the water, creating drag and slowing down your kayak’s drift, so you can focus on fishing or taking a break and relaxing.

The Hobie Drift Chute is engineered to stay just under the water’s surface when fully deployed, providing optimal drag while remaining stable and secure. Its unique design includes a buoyancy pad for quick release when fishing and easy retrieval when you’re ready to move on. A counterweight located below the chute ensures that it takes an optimal shape immediately upon deployment, so you can get the best performance possible.

With a length of 62cm and a width of 64cm, the Hobie Drift Chute is the perfect size for most kayaks, providing effective drag without being too cumbersome or bulky. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice paddler, the Hobie Drift Chute is the must-have accessory for any water adventure. Part# 72020009.



Hobie is a brand renowned for its innovation, durability and performance. As the pioneers of the pedal kayak, Hobie has continued to refine their hull designs, propulsion systems and an ever-expanding list of kayak accessories, earning and reinforcing its reputation as the number one in kayaking and kayak fishing. HWS is the largest and most experienced authorised Hobie dealer in NSW. We stock the full range of Hobie kayaks, Hobie accessories, and genuine Hobie spare parts. Shop with us today and experience the Hobie difference for yourself. Fast shipping of all Hobie parts and accessories Australia-wide.

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