Hobie Rectangular Twist and Seal Hatch (Horizontal)

$229.00 inc GST

Hobie’s rectangular “Twist and Seal” kayak hatch in the horizontal layout is a durable and reliable waterproof hatch designed for Hobie kayaks. Its unique seal and flange lip drainage system keeps water out, while its strong design and construction is intended for standing on, making it perfect for cockpit use.

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**Please Note: HATCH ONLY, backing plate and gasket not included – Complete kit listed separately (see above links)**


Hatch Only. Kit including Rectangular Twist and Seal hatch, backing plate, foam gasket and 14 x stainless steel screws available here.

The Hobie Rectangular Twist and Seal Hatch (Horizontal) is a hatch designed by Hobie for use on their Pro Angler and Outback kayaks. The Hatch is typically installed in the cockpit of the kayak and used for storage purposes, allowing kayakers to store gear and other items in a dry and secure location on their kayak. The hatch is also easy to open and close, allowing kayakers to quickly access their gear when needed. Its unique design features a seal and flange lip drainage system that effectively keeps water out, keeping your gear safe and dry. The hatch is built tough so you can confidently stand on it while sight fishing and casting.

In addition to its strong design, the Hobie Rectangular Twist and Seal Hatch has optional features that enhance its functionality. Kayakers can choose to add gear/tackle storage and organisation with a Hobie Rectangular Hatch Bucket, Hobie’s Tackle Management Rack that deploys two tackle boxes as the hatch is opened, or a BerleyPro BucketBro Organiser

This hatch is suitable for use with all Hobie Pro Angler models, 2014 and newer models of the Hobie Outback.

Hobie Part # 71707001



Hobie is a brand renowned for its innovation, durability and performance. As the pioneers of the pedal kayak, Hobie has continued to refine their hull designs, propulsion systems and an ever-expanding list of kayak accessories, earning and reinforcing its reputation as the number one in kayaking and kayak fishing. HWS is the largest and most experienced authorised Hobie dealer in NSW. We stock the full range of Hobie kayaks, Hobie accessories, and genuine Hobie spare parts. Shop with us today and experience the Hobie difference for yourself. Fast shipping of all Hobie parts and accessories Australia-wide.

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