YakAttack Leverage Landing Net (12” x 20” Hoop)

$239.00 inc GST

YakAttack designed the Leverage Landing Net specifically for kayak anglers. This landing net offers unparalleled stability and control for seated use, plus the ability to fold for compact and convenient storage.


  • Revolutionary Forearm Grip
  • Folds for Easy Storage
  • Full Rubber Net
  • Extended Foam Covered Handle
  • 12” x 20” (30 cm x 50cm) Hoop

The larger YakAttack Leverage Landing Net with 20” x 21” Hoop is also available

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The Leverage Landing Net is a game-changing tool tailored for kayak fishing enthusiasts. What sets this net apart is its innovative forearm grip, providing an unmatched level of stability and control during those critical moments. The intelligent hinged design enables the handle to fold neatly alongside the net, ensuring hassle-free storage. Designed with practicality in mind, the Leverage Landing Net enhances your fishing experience on the kayak.

Thanks to the cutting-edge forearm grip, you’ll enjoy exceptional command and precision, eliminating the need for an oversized hoop to land your catch. This aspect makes the Leverage Landing Net an indispensable asset in your kayak fishing arsenal. With a traditional yet wider hoop, measuring 12” x 20” (30 cm x 50cm), and an overall length of 124 cm, this net perfectly balances functionality and convenience.

Crafted by YakAttack, a pioneer in quality fishing gear, the Leverage Landing Net bears the hallmark of reliability. The net itself boasts a full rubber composition, ensuring durability and gentleness on the fish. The product is a fusion of international expertise, with the netting moulded in Taiwan and all other components meticulously crafted and assembled in the USA.



The US-based YakAttack is a leader in the kayak fishing industry specialising in quality accessories and rigging options. YakAttack's range of innovative and high-quality products have quickly become favourites in the kayak fishing community. HWS is the the leading authorised YakAttack dealer in Australia offering the full range at competitive prices with fast shipping Australia-wide.

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