Railblaza HEXX Live Pole 60 Transducer Mount

$399.00 inc GST

The HEXX Live Pole 60 transducer mount from Railblaza provides seamless mounting of live sonar transducers on small fishing craft allowing you to view the action below the water in real-time. The HEXX Live Pole 60 enables you to get more out of your sonar system thanks to its 360-degree rotation to follow targets without the need to reposition your boat. Also available is the shorter-length HEXX Live Pole 30 which is perfect for most fishing kayaks.


  • Compatible with all fishfinders including Garmin Live Scope, Lowrance Active Target and Humminbird Mega Live
  • 360° rotation to follow underwater targets with a direction indicator to show the transducer aim
  • Durable lightweight construction, weighs just 2.5kg
  • Folds down to stow on the gunnel  when not in use or detach and stow in its dedicated neoprene carry bag



Parts Included:

  • 1 x HEXX Mount base
  • 1 x Live Pole kit with handle
  • 1 x Location Arrow
  • 1 x HEXX carry bag

Material Composition: Fibre-reinforced and high-impact polymers that are highly UV resistant.
Weight: 2.5kg (5.51lb)
Length: 154.94 cm (61″) or 83.82 cm (33″) when folded

Forward Facing, Directionally Controlled Fishfinder Transducer Mount

The Railblaza HEXX Live Pole 60 Transducer Mount is a cutting-edge system designed to enhance your fishfinder capabilities, delivering live, real-time underwater imagery right at your fingertips. Unlike traditional fixed transducers the HEXX Live Pole allows you to “aim” your sonar imaging in a full 360-degree radius so you can find and keep track of targets like never before. The HEXX Live Pole features a conveniently placed soft grip handle at hip level and a direction indicator, promising an easy and comfortable operation.

The HEXX Pole transducer mount is compatible with all fishfinder transducers but is best matched with live sonar imaging systems like Garmin Live Scope, Lowrance Active Target, and Humminbird Mega Live. The Pole boasts a lightweight design that doesn’t compromise on robustness and seamlessly integrates with your fishing boat’s deck, providing a stable base for precision control of your transducer. The system folds down to stow on the gunnel when not in use or can be disconnected in seconds for stowage in its dedicated neoprene protective carry bag.

Embrace the next level of fishing with HEXX Live Pole 60 – your perfect companion for an enhanced and efficient fishing experience.



Railblaza is a globally recognised brand, renowned for its innovative and durable boating and kayaking accessories. With the famous StarPort mounts and a huge range of compatible fishing and boating accessories, Railblaza systems help you customise your craft exactly as you need it. HWS is an authorised Railblaza dealer offering the full range of Railblaza mounts and accessories at competitive prices with fast shipping Australia-wide.

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