Railblaza TracPort Dash 350

$87.95 inc GST

The Railblaza TracPort Dash 350 is a heavy-duty kayak accessory mounting system designed for the serious angler who needs to fit a wide variety of accessories into very little space. The TracPort Dash 350 provides 3 individual Railblaza StarPort mounts compatible with a wide range of Railblaza fishing accessories. The 350 mm accessory mounting track requires 1 x Railblaza StarPort to mount. Also available is the larger 350mm TracPort Dash 500 which is better suited to larger craft.


Kit Includes

  • 350 mm TracPort extrusion with endcaps
  • 3 x Starport/TracNut Combos
  • 2 x StarPort Adaptors
  • 1 x StarPort Bridge Support
  • All fastenings

The TracPort Dash 350 turns one StarPort into three. Supplied with the StarPort Bridge Support for added rigidity, it will lock into place on your StarPort firmly, and increase your workspace. StarPorts can be loosened and slid along the track to the correct position. Once it’s set up, simply clip your RAILBLAZA accessories in and out, then remove the system when you’re finished for security, transport or storage!




Railblaza is a globally recognised brand, renowned for its innovative and durable boating and kayaking accessories. With the famous StarPort mounts and a huge range of compatible fishing and boating accessories, Railblaza systems help you customise your craft exactly as you need it. HWS is an authorised Railblaza dealer offering the full range of Railblaza mounts and accessories at competitive prices with fast shipping Australia-wide.

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