YakAttack MightyMount 90° Vertical Track Adapter

$34.95 inc GST

Adapt any compatible vertically mounted accessory track or YakAttack MightMount to provide a horizontal track-based accessory mount. This adaptor is great for gunwale tracks on powerboats, GearTracs mounted on a BlackPac Pro or other kayak crates and the YakAttack MightyMount Duo H-Rail Adapter. Compatible with all YakAttack GearTrac and MightyMounts as well as most other accessory tracks.


The 90-degree MightyMount Vertical Track Adapter is designed to be utilised with accessory tracks or MightyMounts installed on a vertical surface. The adaptor provides a strong and secure horizontal platform to which you can mount a wide range of track-based accessories. Included with the Vertical Track Adapter are two different Track Disks. These two Track Disks are designed to provide a snug fit in either the standard YakAttack width GearTrac or the wider opening of the YakAttack Top Loading family of GearTrac. If a track system came included with your kayak, try both of them and determine which one will provide the best fit.

Please note, that this product is different to YakAttack’s other LockNLoad 90 Degree MightyMounts as this variation is sold with a Mighty Bolt and our Track Disks. Common uses would be to pair the 90 Degree MightyMount Vertical Track Adapter with the MightyMount Duo H-Rail Adapter for dual horizontal mounting points or the MightyMount XL when attached to the side of a BlackPak Pro






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