BerleyPro Mast Mount for FPV Lithium Battery

$39.00 inc GST

The BerleyPro FPV Lithium Battery Mast Mount enables you to Securely mount your FPV lithium battery pack to the internal mast receiver tube on your Hobie kayak. This battery mounting plate suits both of FPV-Power’s 7ah and 17.5ah Li battery packs and is designed to suit any mast mount (or similar tubing) from 22mm to 28mm in diameter. **Mount Only – Battery pack sold separately**



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Mounting your battery pack is highly recommended. Mounting will prevent the battery from moving while on the water putting unnecessary strain on the electrical connections. It will also ensure you keep your electrical system up out of the bilge and away from any potential saltwater ingress.

This mast mount from BerleyPro is designed specifically to mount the Lithium battery packs from FPV-Power to the internal mast receiver present in most Hobie Kayaks. This mount suits the FPV 7ah and 17.5ah Li batteries. Made in Australia from black ABS plastic with stainless steel fasteners provided.



BerleyPro is a leading brand in kayak fishing accessories, offering a wide range of high-quality, Australian-made products specifically designed to enhance the Hobie kayak range. BerleyPro's custom fish finder visors, keel and transducer guards, storage and organization systems, lighting, battery mounts and Hobie upgrades are built to make your kayak fishing experience more efficient and enjoyable. HWS is an authorised BerleyPro dealer offering the full range of BerleyPro kayak accessories at competitive prices with shipping Australia-wide.

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