FPV-Power 7AH Lithium Kayak Battery + Charger Kit

$149.00 inc GST

The FPV-POWER 7Ah lithium-ion battery is perfect for kayak anglers running fishfinders and other low-draw 12V electronics like lights, phones and camera chargers. The small size, lightweight and waterproof design make it perfect for kayaks, canoes or small boats looking to run simple electronics. Running a small-sized fish finder at full brightness, you can expect at least 12 hours of use. For those needing a larger capacity check out the FPV-Power 17.5A Battery Kit.


Kit Includes

  • 7AH Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • FPV Pigtail with crimps
  • Instruction Manual


Voltage: 7.5-12.6V
Capacity: 7000 mAh
Amp Draw: 7A Max
Cycles: 1600 @ 1A discharge 90% DoD
Dimensions: 110x80x50mm
Weight: 455g
Case: IP67 Waterproof hard case (waterproof only when the lead is connected)
Battery Management System: Built-in short circuit and over-current protection with charging and discharging safety cutoff.
Charger: 2A wall charger

Mounting Options

BerleyPro Batterang (to mount underneath Hobie 8″ hatches)
BerleyPro Battery Mast Mount (to mount to the internal sail mast receiver tubes)
H-Rail Mounting Plate (to mount to H-Rail)


FPV Power

HWS is your local stockist of FPV-Power kayak systems and accessories. FPV are famous for their lightweight compact 12V Lithium Ion kayak batteries, and electrical systems specially designed to power all electronics onboard a fishing kayak.