BerleyPro Garmin SideVu Ready Transducer Mount

$69.00 inc GST

This product will mount and cover the following Garmin transducers:

  • Garmin GT40-TM
  • Garmin GT41-TM
  • Garmin GT50M-TM
  • Garmin GT51M-TM
  • Garmin GT52HW-TM
  • Garmin GT54UHD-TM
  • Garmin GT56UHD-TM



The Garmin SideVu transducer mount is designed to fit in the existing Lowrance Ready location on the base of Hobie® kayaks. This product will mount and cover the SideVu transducers which come with the Garmin range providing protection and also maintaining a crisp image with SideVu and DownVu. The ABS plastic is designed to protect the transducer from the scratching and damage which comes with normal kayak use.

This product will mount and cover the following Garmin transducers:

Suits Hobie Kayaks with Lowrance Ready plates

Benefits of this transducer mount:

  • Made from 3mm Thermoformed plastic to provide a tough protective cover for your expensive transducer
  • Easy installation
  • Accurate water temp
  • Great Sidescan and Downscan image with no noticeable degradation


Comes with stainless steel fasteners.


Please note: This mount will sit below the base of your Hobie kayak. It is not designed to carry the weight of your kayak while you are driving so please ensure you prop up the sides with something so it doesn’t cause damage around the screws and brass inserts.



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