BerleyPro SideScan Transducer Mount for Lynx/Passport

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The SideScan Transducer Mount and Protector from BerleyPro is custom designed to suit the moulded mounting plate on Hobie’s Lynx and Passport 12 models. Compatible with Garmin and Lowrance transducers, this durable plastic cover will protect the vulnerable and expensive transducer unit at all times without affecting the fishfinder’s SideScan/Sidevu performance.


The BerleyPro SideScan transducer mount is designed to fit in the existing moulded transducer cavities on the base of Hobie’s Lynx and Passport 12 models. The transducer is mounted to the provided base plate to ensure the transducer is underneath the hull and free of obstruction so you can take full advantage of the side scan features of your fishfinder. A durable formed cover protects your transducer from damage from underwater obstacles and groundings, giving you peace of mind to chase fish where ever they may be. Installation of this mount is simple and can be done in minutes with a Phillips head screwdriver. For more detailed instructions please see this installation guide from BerleyPro.

The BerleyProSideScan transducer mounts suit the following transducers;

  • Lowrance 3-in-1 – Part# BP2631
  • Lowrance TotalScan – Part# BP2631
  • Lowrance 3d Structure – Part# BP2631
  • Lowrance Tripleshot – Part# BP2635
  • Garmin GT/CV52 – Part# BP2633
  • Garmin GT/CV54 – Part# BP2633
  • Garmin GT56 – Part# BP2633

Pros of this transducer mount

  • Made from 3mm Thermoformed plastic to provide a tough protective cover for your expensive transducer
  • Easy installation
  • Accurate water temp
  • Great side scan and down scan image with no noticeable degradation

Cons of this transducer mount

  • Sits below the hull which can cause issues loading/unloading but can easily be overcome with skids or rethinking the loading
WEIGHT 0.29 kg
DIMENSIONS 320 × 105 × 60 mm

Additional information

Transducer Type

Lowrance 3-in-1 / Total Scan, Lowrance Tripleshot, Garmin



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