BerleyPro Raised Steering Handle (Outback+Compass)

$149.00 inc GST

The BerleyPro Raised Steering Handle for Hobie Outback (2019 +) Hobie Compass and Hobie Compass Duo is designed to enhance your steering experience with a more comfortable grip, better tracking and smoother control. This popular upgrade kit offers a larger and stronger raised aluminium handle over the standard handle from Hobie, providing a significant increase in purchase and comfort.

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The Berleypro Raised Aluminium Steering Handle is a popular upgrade for Hobie Outback, Compass, and Compass Duo kayaks. It raises the steering handle off the deck making controlling the rudder more comfortable and efficient by using your hand grip instead of fingers. It also provides extra leverage which is great for larger rudders, operating in rougher waters and minimising fatigue.

An added benefit is the ability to tension the steering handle to help straight-line tracking reducing the need for frequent rudder adjustments, and freeing up your hands for other activities like fishing. The raised handle also allows it to double as an optimally placed grab handle to steady yourself while out on the water. Australian made from an acetal base and a CNC machine aluminium handle, the kit comes with everything you need to get the steering handle upgrade installed. Installation is relatively simple, watch the video below for a step-by-step guide.

WEIGHT0.26 kg
DIMENSIONS180 × 120 × 45 mm
KAYAK MODELCompass, Compass Duo, Outback (2019+)




BerleyPro is a leading brand in kayak fishing accessories, offering a wide range of high-quality, Australian-made products specifically designed to enhance the Hobie kayak range. BerleyPro's custom fish finder visors, keel and transducer guards, storage and organization systems, lighting, battery mounts and Hobie upgrades are built to make your kayak fishing experience more efficient and enjoyable.HWS is an authorised BerleyPro dealer offering the full range of BerleyPro kayak accessories at competitive prices with shipping Australia-wide.

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