Hobie Kayak Twist and Stow Rudder Blade (Std & Lrg)

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Twist & Stow Rudder blades for Hobie Mirage kayaks are available in standard and large sizes. Compatible as a rudder blade replacement on any Hobie kayak with a twist and stow rudder OR upgrade to the large blade for increased steering performance. Blade Only, sold individually.

Choose Your Preferred Option;

  • Standard Twist and Stow Rudder Blade – Part# 81395201
  • Large Twist and Stow Rudder “Sailing Rudder” Blade – Part# 81397001


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The Hobie Twist-n-Stow kayak rudder provides responsive steering and enhanced sailing performance. With its retractable system, the rudder is there when you need it and gone when you don’t. Available in two sizes, standard and large, the Hobie Twist-n-Stow Rudder is a standard accessory on many Hobie Mirage kayak models. The complete Twist and Stow Rudder Assembly is also available here. The rudder is easily engaged and disengaged with the kayak’s control line for easy beaching. When retracted, the rudder stows on the rear deck, eliminating the need for removal during transport and storage.

Large Twist & Stow “Sailing” Rudder Blade

The Large Twist & Stow Rudder Blade, often referred to as the “Hobie sailing rudder”, is the ideal choice for those seeking better steering and sailing performance. Providing a tighter turning circle and improved response to your steering inputs, you’ll have full control over your kayak on the water in a wider range of conditions. For this reason, Large rudder blades are highly recommended for any Hobie kayak being used with a sail kit as well as the Hobie Revolution, Pre-2018 Outback, Outfitter and Adventure models.

Hobie has created the handy Twist-n-Stow Rudder System Repair Manual for extra information on maintaining your steering systems. if you’d prefer to leave it to the professionals, get in touch with our team and we can make the installation for you.

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