YakAttack CellBlok & SwitchBlade Combo

$199.00 inc GST

This kit contains the YakAttack CellBlok Battery Box and the YakAttack SwitchBlade Transducer Deployment Arm. These products provide seamless installation of a fish finder or depth sounder to a kayak without the need to drill any holes or run any wires.

** Fish finder, transducer and battery not included **


YakAttack’s Ultimate Kayak Fishfinder Solution: CellBlok & SwitchBlade Combo

Discover self-contained convenience for your kayak fishfinder installation with the YakAttack CellBlok and SwitchBlade Transducer Deployment Arm combo. Designed to revolutionise your fishing experience, this combo offers a seamless, efficient, and hassle-free solution for all kayak enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • All-in-One Mounting: Say goodbye to drilling and wire routing. The CellBlok’s track-mounted battery box doubles as a mounting platform, while the SwitchBlade ensures efficient transducer deployment.
  • Efficient Design: The SwitchBlade’s hydrodynamic blade minimizes water turbulence, ensuring faster and quieter operation. Dive deeper into your fishing experience without the noise.
  • Customisable & Compact: Adjust the SwitchBlade’s length to fit your kayak or fold it compactly when not in use. With the CellBlok’s enhanced cable wraps, manage even the largest fishfinder wires with ease.
  • LockNLoad™ Integration: Combine your fish finder and transducer arm into one unified system, thanks to the innovative LockNLoad™ Mounting System.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Whether you’re attaching the SwitchBlade to the CellBlok, a deck mount, or a track system, enjoy unparalleled flexibility. Designed to accommodate almost any kayak on the market.

Package Includes:

  1. YakAttack CellBlok: The ultimate track-mounted battery box and mounting platform.
  2. SwitchBlade Transducer Deployment Arm: The pinnacle of transducer arm design, ensuring speed, adjustability, and efficiency.




The US-based YakAttack is a leader in the kayak fishing industry specialising in quality accessories and rigging options. YakAttack's range of innovative and high-quality products have quickly become favourites in the kayak fishing community. HWS is the the leading authorised YakAttack dealer in Australia offering the full range at competitive prices with fast shipping Australia-wide.

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