Hobie H-Bar Kayak Standing Bar

$539.00$599.00 inc GST

Make the most of your Hobie kayak’s excellent stability with a Hobie H-Bar standing support. The H-Bar is manufactured from aluminium extrusion providing a secure waist height bar for leaning against when standing and a sturdy grab rail for holding on to while entering/exiting your kayak or pulling yourself up from a seated to a standing position.

The adjustable H-Bar will conveniently fold down securely onto the front deck when not in use or can be quickly removed with the quick pin system. The H-Bar’s 12-sided design enables it to integrate with all H-Rail accessories making it an excellent mounting solution for a wide range of accessories.

Available in 6 Versions to suit specific Hobie kayak models.

  • Pro Angler – Suits Pro Angler 12 and Pro Angler 14 including 360 models  Part # 84500116
  • Pro Angler 17T – This includes Part # 84500116 and the additional PA17 Extension #84500115
  • Compass  Part # 84500117
  • Outback 2019+ Part #84500120
  • Outback / Universal H-Bar Part# 84500119
  • Passport 12 Part# 84500121

Benefits of the Hobie H-Bar

  • Expand your comfort zone for when and how often stand-up use is suitable
  • Enables you to take advantage of the standing position in a wider range of conditions with confidence
  • Takes a lot of the effort and fatigue out of getting up into a standing position and back into your seat
  • Clever design means the H-Bar can be easily folded down or removed as required
  • Constructed from aluminium for strength and durability in a lightweight package
  • Compatible with H-Rail mounts and accessories making it a perfect mounting solution for sounders, rod holders, cameras, gear storage and more
  • Adjustable to suit your height and angle preference

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Outback 2019+, Passport 12, Compass, Outback / Universal, Pro Angler, Pro Angler 17



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