Forward Hatch Liners for Hobie Outback, Revolution & Quest

$129.95 inc GST

The Hobie Hatch Liner Storage Bucket is a great utility accessory for Hobie’s Outback, Revolution and Quest kayaks. The hatch bucket fits neatly into the storage hatch in the bow of the kayak keeping your gear organised and accessible, ensuring smaller items aren’t lost inside the hull. Constructed from durable plastic and precision moulded to suit your specific kayak model.

Hobie Hatch Liner Storage Buckets are available for the following Hobie kayaks;

  • Hobie Outback 2019+
  • Hobie Outback 2018 or earlier
  • Hobie Revolution 11
  • Hobie Revolution 13
  • Hobie Quest 11
  • Hobie Quest 13 2014+

Also Available; 


**Accessories shown inside the hatch bucket in the image are not included**

The Hobie Forward Hatch Liner is available in multiple variants which are compatible with the following models;

  • Outback 2019+  #72020109
  • Outback Pre-2018  #72020041
  • Revolution 11 / Quest 11 #72020044
  • Revolution 13 / Quest 13 2014+ #72020042

The Forward Hatch Bucket is a popular upgrade for Hobie kayak owners due to the increased utility it provides the front hatch. Being in front of you, the front hatch is highly accessible making it an ideal area to store any gear you don’t necessarily need close at hand. The hatch liner allows you to store gear in the front hatch neatly and safely without the risk of it being lost or hard to reach in the kayak’s large internal hull space.

Store dry bags, extra clothing/wet weather gear, tackle and tools, food and drink or your freshly caught fish. The Hobie Forward Hatch Liner opens up your options to use the bow storage space however you please.

Additional information

Bucket size

Outback 2019 +, Outback Pre 2018, Revolution/Quest 11, Revolution/Quest 13



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