Large Pro Angler Rudder

$67.95 inc GST

Upgrade your Hobie Pro Angler fishing kayak with the Large Rudder Blade, a game-changer for ultimate maneuverability on the water. Specially designed to enhance control and responsiveness, this larger rudder blade ensures smooth and precise steering, even in challenging fishing conditions. With increased surface area, you’ll have the advantage of improved tracking and better handling, allowing you to navigate in confined waterways and around structure with ease.



The large rudder upgrade for Hobie Pro Angler fishing kayaks (Part# 84612001) is designed to enhance the maneuverability and control of the kayak, particularly in challenging fishing conditions. By replacing the standard rudder blade with a larger one, anglers can experience improved turning responsiveness and better tracking.

The large rudder blade provides increased surface area (approx 2.5 cm longer and 2.5 cm wider), allowing for more effective steering even in strong currents or windy situations. This upgrade is especially beneficial for anglers who frequently navigate through tight spaces, narrow channels, or heavily vegetated areas where precise maneuvering is crucial.

With the upgraded rudder blade, you’ll have enhanced control over your Hobie Pro Angler fishing kayak, enabling you to make quick and accurate adjustments while casting, trolling, or navigating to your favourite fishing spots. This rudder blade is a valuable addition for avid anglers looking to optimise their kayaking experience and maximise their fishing success.

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