Hobie UV Protectant & Restorer

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Hobie UV Protectant & Restorer is formulated for the protection and rejuvenation of materials like fibreglass, polyethylene, vinyl, and PVC. This unique product is a great way to minimise UV damage and fading on kayak hulls. This product will help extend the lifespan of your kayak and outdoor gear while keeping them looking great.

  • 354ml per bottle
  • Safe for use on fibreglass, polyethylene, vinyl, and PVC
  • Reduces and replenishes lost essential oils
  • Leaves a UV protective layer
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The Hobie UV Protectant & Restorer is an industry-leading solution formulated specifically for the protection and rejuvenation of materials like fiberglass, polyethylene, vinyl, and PVC. This unique product is a must-have for avid outdoor enthusiasts, particularly those who own kayaks that endure extensive sun exposure.

Comprehensive Protection

Hobie UV Protectant & Restorer provides exceptional protection against the harmful effects of UV rays. It acts as a powerful shield, preventing fading, cracking, and weathering of materials frequently exposed to sunlight. It’s ideal for maintaining the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of kayak hulls, ensuring they stay in top condition despite prolonged sun exposure.

Revitalizing Action

Beyond protection, Hobie UV Protectant & Restorer breathes new life into your equipment. Its restorative properties help revive the original color and sheen of materials, making your gear look as good as new.

Effective Cleaning & Lubrication

This versatile product also serves as an efficient cleaning solution, notably effective on hatch o-ring seals. It cleans and lubricates these critical components, maintaining their elasticity and sealing performance, thereby prolonging their lifespan.

With Hobie UV Protectant & Restorer, safeguard your valuable equipment against sun damage, restore their vibrancy, and enhance their functionality – all in one go!



Hobie is a brand renowned for its innovation, durability and performance. As the pioneers of the pedal kayak, Hobie has continued to refine their hull designs, propulsion systems and an ever-expanding list of kayak accessories, earning and reinforcing its reputation as the number one in kayaking and kayak fishing. HWS is the largest and most experienced authorised Hobie dealer in NSW. We stock the full range of Hobie kayaks, Hobie accessories, and genuine Hobie spare parts. Shop with us today and experience the Hobie difference for yourself. Fast shipping of all Hobie parts and accessories Australia-wide.

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