FPV-Power Kayak Livewell Battery + Regulator + Charger Kit

$175.00$199.95 inc GST

We’ve put together this kit for those looking to power their kayak Livewell with a high-quality, waterproof lithium-ion battery system. Compatible with the Hobie Livewell V2 and Hobie Livewell XL bait tanks.

This Kit Includes:
1 x FPV 7AH Lithium-Ion Battery
1 x FPV 2A Standard Battery Charger
1 x FPV 1.5A Regulator set at 6v for Livewell use
1 x FPV Pig Tail with waterproof connector OR Hobie connector plug

Select FPV Pigtail if you plan to cut off your Hobie Plug and solder on the FPV Plug
Select Hobie to FPV converter if you want to keep your Hobie battery connector


This kit is perfect for those looking for increased run time for their kayak livewell.

FPV’s lithium-ion batteries offer lighter weight and a smaller form factor compared to their lead-acid counterparts. Lithium batteries also have a distinct advantage over lead acid in being able to make use of the majority of its capacity without damage or affecting the lifespan of the battery.

FPV’s regulator ensures a constant supply of 6V to the livewell right up until the battery reaches its safety cutoff.


FPV Power

HWS is your local stockist of FPV-Power kayak systems and accessories. FPV are famous for their lightweight compact 12V Lithium Ion kayak batteries, and electrical systems specially designed to power all electronics onboard a fishing kayak.