FPV-POWER Dual USB Port Charger

$27.95 inc GST

The FPV-POWER Dual USB Port Charger is perfect for keeping your phones, cameras, and other USB-powered electronics charged up during long days out on the water! Compatible with all FPV-Power systems including the 7 AH and 17.5 AH lithium kayak batteries


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This 5V 1A double USB charger port comes with a waterproof FPV male plug for plug-and-play compatibility with all FPV-Power batteries and systems. This kit comes with plenty of lead for easy installation and access.


Input voltage: 8-58V
Output Voltage: 5V
Charge rate: 1A
Weight: 70g


FPV Power

HWS is your local stockist of FPV-Power kayak systems and accessories. FPV are famous for their lightweight compact 12V Lithium Ion kayak batteries, and electrical systems specially designed to power all electronics onboard a fishing kayak.