Hobie Mirage Kayak Sail Kit

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Experience the convenience and fun of sailing your Hobie Mirage kayak with the Mirage Sail Kit – the only sail kit that’s designed to work perfectly with Hobie Mirage Kayaks. Hobie has brought its long history and experience with sailing to its pedal kayak range. Designed to add utility and speed to your kayaking experience while maintaining convenience and ease of use, this sail kit makes for an excellent upgrade that’s suitable for most Hobie Mirage and Pro Angler kayaks.


  • Suits most Hobie Mirage, Pro Angler and iTrek inflatable kayaks
  • Aluminium 2-piece mast for convenient transport and storage
  • Square top, boomless sail with diagonal battens for optimal performance and ease of use
  • Sail is easily rolled and stowed in the included storage bag
  • Available in 5 colours
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The Hobie Mirage Sail Kit Includes;

  • 2-piece extruded aluminium mast
  • Square-topped diagonally battened sail
  • Sheet rope for sail control
  • Bungee downhaul/cunningham
  • Sail-mounted "tell-tail" wind indicators
  • Durable storage bag that neatly contains the whole kit


  • Mast Length: 3.14 meters
  • Mast Weight: 1.17 kilograms
  • Sail Area: 1.88 square meters
  • Luff Length: 2.59 meters
  • Sail Weight: 0.66kg (including sheet)


The Hobie Mirage Sail Kit is the perfect solution for those looking to add wind power to their Hobie Mirage, Pro Angler or iTrek kayak models. With the sail kit, you can enjoy a fun and efficient way to get around without relying solely on your own power. Whether you're trying to cover more ground, save energy for fishing, or simply enjoy longer days on the water, the sail kit has got you covered.

Hobie is well-known for its sailing expertise, and their sail kit is a testament to that. The square-top sail design provides exceptional power and performance while still being easy to use, even for beginners. The sail features vertical battens for sail shape and easy rolling, a clear mylar window for visibility, and a "boomless" single-line control.

With the sail kit, your Hobie kayak will sail beautifully, and thanks to the hands-free approach of Hobie's pedal-driven kayaks, you can easily tend to the sail and steer with the kayak's rudder control knob. The MirageDrive fins act as a centreboard, providing necessary lateral resistance for upwind sailing, while still allowing you to maintain momentum with just a few pedal strokes. You can also pedal and sail at the same time, making it an ideal setup for anyone learning to sail.

The Mirage Sail Kit allows you to sail with or without pedalling, and for those who want extra stability, the SideKick AMA kit can be added. With the Sail Furler kit, you can easily roll out, reduce/reef, and furl the sail away while on the water. You can also add a larger sailing rudder for more control in high winds.

Additional information

Sail Colour

Aqua/Lime, Lime/Silver, Papaya/Orange, Silver/Red, White/Papaya i-series



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